Monday, September 20, 2010

Project #2- The Last Judgement of a Modern Society.

I thought of the concept for this piece while studying "The Last Judgment" in another art class. In the background, while I was reading about the painting, "The Insider," a hideous news tabloid show was on the television. The combination of these things running through my head created the overall concept for this triptych. It's meant to be have a mocking, funny tone, yet the actual point I'm attempting to make is quite serious. If these images are what makes up our culture, what does that say about us as a society, as individuals.

Tritpych 3

Triptych 2

Triptych 1

Project 1 - Life's a Fairytale Collage

The concept behind this work is the contrast between fairytales and reality for women. More specifically, as children, women are read fairytales; we dream of the night in shining armor, happily ever after, etc. We are bombarded with these ideas of what women's roles are from the time we're young and it carries over into adulthood with movies and magazines. These fairytale images conflict with reality and what women want reality to be.